Success Story of Mrityunjay Singh, Founder & CEO VGMSecurity

Success Story of Mrityunjay Singh, Founder & CEO VGMSecurity –
“Threat Intelligence & Investigation”

Mrityunjay Singh is an Indian Entrepreneur, Ethical Hacker, and Author. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the cybersecurity company, VGM Security. He has written several books based on cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and web defense. He is the winner of the Startup Yatra Up Edition 2017 by Invest India in the Security Services Category.

Mrityunjay Singh – Biography

Name                                              Mrityunjay Singh
Born                                                26 Jan 1997
Birthplace                                        Varanasi UP, India
Age                                                  24
Nationality                                       Indian
Profession                                       Entrepreneur; Ethical Hacker; Author
Position                                           Founder & CEO, VGMSecurity
Books                                              Ethical Hacking with Mrityunjay Singh & Complete Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security 
Net Worth                                        $2 million USD (2021)

Mrityunjay Singh – Personal Life

Mrityunjay was born in Varanasi, Up, India. He came from a middle-class family. He had no background in computer engineers or so in his family. His parents were not happy with his studies as he was solely interested in technical knowledge of computers and hardly liked the theoretical structure of school education. His passion grew from playing videos games to cordially understand the hardware of the system.

He has conducted several training sessions with the officials and helped UP and CG Police in investigating cybercrimes. Reliance Industries, Central Bureau of Investigation, UP Police, and CG Police are some of his crucial clients.
He is a cybersecurity expert and also famous for authoring books like Hacking With Mrityunjay Singh and Complete Ethical & Cyber Security. He held countless seminars, lectures, and workshops based on technical manuals throughout his career.

At age 19, he started his own cybersecurity firm, VGMSecurity Solutions.

Mrityunjay Singh – Education

Mrityunjay Singh had no interest in the formal structure of school education. He failed in standard 8th but his technical knowledge led him to cross a milestone in his professional career. Not much is known about his further education and qualification.
However, his fascination for computers did not let him focus anywhere else. He focused only on learning new computer skills and techniques. Gradually, he got fascinated with ethical hacking. He read international books that helped him to learn the required knowledge of computers and hacking.

Mrityunjay Singh – CEO of VGM Security

Mrityunjay Singh serves as the Founder and CEO of VGM Security, headquartered in Varanasi, India. He founded the cybersecurity firm on 27 February 2016. The company has worked with Fortune 500 companies. It is considered one of the Empanelled Cyber Security Auditors for the Union Government, that basically manages UPI and NPCI.
The company offers protection to corporations against data theft and network vulnerabilities. It primarily provides vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. He also asserted that there have been innumerable attacks against different portals of his company.

The venture has four office locations across two countries. It also offers cybersecurity to various Indian companies including Reliance Industries. VGM Security raised Pre-Series “A” funding from Indian Investor Ajit Singh Bhargava in 2016.

VGM Security is a type of cyber security software that connects to your hosting and automatically secures all your website data, hacking attacks and also monitors all your 404 errors. The biggest feature of this software is that this software monitors all your online data and website. You will not need to hire any cyber security firm or cyber expert.

This software has been developed by Mrityunjay Singh and till now VGM Security Software is installed in more than 6000 websites and kept them fully secure.

Mrityunjay Singh – Success Story

He started his career in the IT field as a Tech Instructor. He variably made a good network by conducting sessions at many places. He eventually got recognized and was recommended to companies and government organizations for providing training in IT infrastructure and data security issues.
While continuing with the offered work, he knew that someday he would build a promising future with a well-established cybersecurity firm. His hard work, determination led to the formation of his company, VGM Security Solutions, in 2016.
The UP Police department officials were impressed by Mrityunjay’s speech, which was delivered in 2017 and they invited him to conduct a workshop for their crime division. His journey of competing with the criminals while working on cyber-crime for the law started henceforth.

A book has been written on Mrityunjay Singh’s entire life “Struggle – A Success Story Of Mrityunjay Singh” which has been written by Dharna Singh Bhargwa. This book is available in Amazon and Flipkart sale

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